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Fender Machete 112 Enclosure

Fender Fender Machete 112 Enclosure


€ 471,00


Fender Machete 112 Enclosure
Machete amps are unlike any that Fender has ever created—high-performance, high-gain, high-end tone machines that combine tube sound and highly distinctive cosmetics. Discerning guitarists and amp connoisseurs who are both meticulous and adventurous about even the finest details of their sound will find Machete amps to be formidable new members of the Fender family. The Machete 50 head puts all the Machete family’s formidable features into a convenient 50-watt, dual-channel head form that gives guitarists a wealth of mix-and-match options with external speaker cabinets, including the Machete 112 and 412 cabinets.

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