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Cort G250FR

Cort Cort G250FR
Cort Cort G250FRCort Cort G250FRCort Cort G250FRCort Cort G250FR


€ 399,00 inclusief BTW


Model: G250 FR
Gemaakt in Indonesië
Body: Amerikaanse linde
Hals: Esdoorn
Halsbevestiging: Geschroefd
Toets: Esdoorn, radius van 400mm
Kambreedte: 42mm
Frets: 22
Schaallengte: 648mm
Binding: —
Hardware: Zwart
Mechanieken: Verzegeld
Brug: Double Locking II
Snaarophanging: Double Locking II
Afwerking: WHT – White met een zwarte slagplaat

Dual Rails & Powersound Humbucker

The G250FR is equipped with 2 dual-rail single-type humbuckers that produces the power and thick tone of the humbuckers in a slimmer profile. The Powersound pickup in the bridge position provides classic humbucker punch and tone with a quality/value quotient that cannot be beat.

Pickups: Hot Rails SC en Power Sound humbuckers
Elektronica: 1x volume, 1x toon, 5-standen-schakelaar
Snaren: D’Addario EXL120 (009-042)

Afwerking: WHT – White

1 Volume & 1 Tone
5 way Pickup Selector
The simple yet versatile control layout provides all the sounds the player needs while allowing the player to focus on playing and making music.

Double-Locking II Tremolo System
The Cort Double Locking II tremolo assures perfect tuning stability through the most extreme arm action for aggressive soloing or heavy riffing. The body recess means harmonic squeals raised to the stratosphere as well as dive-bombs into the abyss with the assurance that the strings will come back to tune perfectly.

1pc Maple Neck(400㎜ Radius)
with Maple Fingerboard
The neck and fretboard are carved from 1pc maple, which stays true to the authenticity of the guitars made in the pre-SuperStrat era, providing a solid tone and build quality. Unknown among many guitar players, the fingerboard is a vital component of the overall sound of the guitar. Maple is a very popular choice due to its rigidity and stability but also for its strong high-midrange punch and articulation.

Neck-Body Joint Beveled Heel
Unlike the square-cut heel of traditional bolt-on guitars, the heel on the G-Series guitars are beveled round for easier and smoother access to the frets in the high register of the fingerboard.

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