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Kangaba KDJM07 mini djembé Mali

Kangaba Kangaba KDJM07 mini djembé Mali
Kangaba Kangaba KDJM07 mini djembé MaliKangaba Kangaba KDJM07 mini djembé Mali


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mini djembé Mali, gemaakt van gueni hout, geitenhuid vel, pre-stretched rope, 18x32cm
Kangaba is the historic capital of the Mandingo Empire, located 90 kilometers from Bamako to the Guinean border. Kangaba instruments are all produced in traditional way. Carved from the best woods by the best blacksmiths, assembled with natural goat skins, Kangaba drums transmit the original vibration, warmth and power from the Mandingo empire. Since 2000, Kangaba plants (with the participation of its artists) a variety of trees they use to produce instruments.
The professional instruments are made out of dugura, teak and boumou wood. These woods used are of incomparable sound and found only this region of West Africa between Mali and Guinea. All with natural goat and/or c ow skins. The skins do not undergo any treatment, they are simply shaved by hand with a razor blade. The strings are prestretched French-made and specifically designed by Kangaba colors harmonize with the color of wood.

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